Farm-to-Table Freshness

At Squeezed we strive to provide a convenient path to raw nutrition for our ever-busy and mobile lives. We are committed to customer service, employee education, organic ingredients, and local partnerships. Our company values customers as well as our employees and our business partners. We will practice environmental responsibility by using packaging from sustainably sourced materials, encouraging recycling and remaining health oriented and community minded.


Our juices are pressed and bottled at our facility right here in Albuquerque, NM
Mom always said to eat your vegetables. Each of our cold pressed juices contain the nutrients from 4-6 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables.
A tremendous amount of care is taken to maximize the life-span of our juices. With proper refrigeration, our juices will last for 5 days.
We start with raw unprocessed produce. The last thing you want is a bunch of chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides ending up in your juice. When it comes to juice, it’s organic or nothing in our book.
Açaí is a highly perishable fruit indigenous to the jungles of South America. Our organic açaí is harvested and packaged using sustainable practices in the jungles of Brazil
Absolutely! Please remove the lid, rinse, and return for a $.10 credit at any location.
We work with a local supplier to purchase our fresh fruits and vegetables. During the growing season in NM we are able to purchase a lot of our leafy greens, herbs, root vegetables, and apples.
When a cold-pressed juice sits still, you may see the soluble fiber come out of solution and settle. This is normal, give the bottle a shake and enjoy.
Any time we eat solid food of any kind, our digestive system has to work to turn that food into fuel for our bodies. A juice cleanse feeds your body pure nutrients that require very little work on the part of your digestive system. We like to compare a juice cleanse to “rebooting” your computer. Give your digestive system a well deserved break!
Open your juice carefully. Air is the enemy of fresh juice. We fill our bottles to the rim to minimize the exposure to air, in order to maximize life span. From the moment your juice was pressed, the clock starts ticking.
Absolutely! Our juices are raw and un-pasteurized and must be refrigerated at or below 41degrees.